In the last project at Hyper Island we were tasked to get together and create our own agency. We were nine students. The result was O AGENCY. A creative shop driven to create long lasting solutions for brands and people.


We are O.
O stands for “aha”.
An insight, a spark.
Something you have never seen before.
An O doesn’t come on it’s own.
It needs hard work and dedication.
It needs understanding of the unknown.
A vision of the real problem.
The deeper we dig, the bigger the O.
An O is no ordinary thing.
O should circle a new opportunity.
An opportunity that keeps your business lasting.
It goes from O to OOOOOOOOO!
They come from the client.
But mostly from their users.
That’s what keeps us going.



I am used to working in an advertising agency environment where everything is about campaigns and quick fixes. I decided to challenge myself by co-creating an agency where the focus lies on long term solutions and business transformation. This way I could learn more about business design and digging into where the real business problems lies. These two months brought me a lot of learnings which I will bring further in my career.

My role in the agency was a creative (art director / copywriter). To challenge myself even further, I decided to take on the task of a project manager for one of the projects as well. To see how well I could multitask.


We create long lasting experiences built to amaze your users', your category and your revenue. We don't look for quick fixes or to solve short term problems. We create experiences that solve your real business problems. Experiences that eat advertising campaigns for breakfast. Experience that spark an O.

How? We use an effective cocktail of real problem understanding, business innovation, problem solving creativity, fun and the users' perspective. Want to know more about this cocktail? Let’s have a drink!


BETSSON & ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST GERMANY (CONDE NAST)  was our primary clients. The work we did for these clients are under strict non-disclosure agreement so we are not allowed to have them in our portfolio. I'm happy to talk about my learning experience and what I did in these projects however. 


We did some side projects during this time. Here is one of our original concepts.

What if there was a fun way to make the new generation aware of the retirement savings issue?

Generation X is the generation that will live the longest. Important for them that they start thinking about pension saving as soon as possible, but without losing the fun. This is the challenge we had in mind when we created Bingo. We want to reintroduce an old time classic in the form of a mobile application – Bingo. A game that will help the new generation steer their focus towards the future. Towards their own retirement savings. More importantly however, is the back-end part of this idea. We want to develop it and sell it to clients such as gaming companies so they can use the back-end part for their own games. This way everyone can save up for their retirement.