O/R - A service for indecisive people

Tags: creative concept, mobile application, digital service, 2013

Being indecisive is a recurring problem in daily life. A small problem but a big annoyance. Fortunately we created O/R. Now your problem has become someone else’s entertainment. Win-win! 

It’s pretty simple. You snap pictures of two choices. Send it to your friends. Don’t have friends? Send it to a random. They will choose one. Ta-da. Problem solved.

Step 1. Snap pictures. The camera button will indicate how many pictures you have taken by turning red. Press continue when you are satisfied, if not, simply press X.

Step 2. Send it to your friends. Or a random.

Step 3. The receiver will get your request in their feed. If they click on it, it will turn into a big split screen. Selecting one will enlarge it. Click to proceed.

Step 4. You will be notified when your selected ones decide for you.

Behind the scenes of O/R


During a prototyping lecture at Hyper Island, I went together with Lisa Carr, Adriana Ferran, Alexey Solodovnikov and Robert Lundh to do a 30min brainstorm. We came up with the idea of O/R. We're talking about actually making this app. Since internship dates are closing in I decided to make a few visuals for the idea so I could have it in my portfolio whilst we're making future plans.


How can we help people be more decisive?


Everyone cares about other people’s opinions (to a certain degree).


O/R is a service that turns those indecisive moments into a fun experience. It comes as a mobile application that allows you snap pictures of two choices. It then allows you to send these choices to friends and randoms. These people will help you decide by selecting one of the two choices. In the end you receive a solution to your problem. Hopefully…


We pitched for the interactive art director class at Hyper Island and showed a quick demo using the app POP.  I also tried to make a prototype using Balsamiq.


I made some wireframes in illustrator before I started designing the visuals. Here are some of them. I learned a lot along the way so things changed along with the design process.

wireframes for or.png