Duy worked with us as a freelance Art Director for 3 months, working with some off our biggest clients. Duy impressed us a lot, being productive from day one, and showing both understanding and passion for all work he had to do.

In short time Duy proved that he can work with creative campaigns and ideas as well as producing materiel for all channels and devices, effective and in style!

He is also a very social and pleasant person to work with, and we had a lot of fun while he was here.

We hope we will be working with Duy again in the future!
— Kim Motrøen, Head of Performance at Oculos
Here are some things you should know about Duy:

He is a really fun and thoughtful person to work with.

And he has a head full of insightful and interesting ideas that could do wonders for your brands.

He was my intern at Wieden+Kennedy, working with me on MOMO, a location based social app in China with over 190 million (!) users.

And he would spend a lot of time meticulously understanding the product and coming out with interesting solutions after.

And he can supply you with tobacco to stick up your gums to boot.

It’s very European.

Hope you have as much fun working with him as I did!
— Raymond Chin, Executive Creative Director at SapientNitro Shanghai – Mentor
Duy is super dope.
— Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz, Creative Director at Sid Lee NY – Mentor
I had the pleasure to work with Duy when I joined MK Norway as their general creative director. He was doing his internship but always acted like an experienced pro. His dedication and passion was beyond what I expected and that translated into great work. Duy and his partner made my work easy as they were very independent creatives with a very complete thinking and conceptualizing process.

They created great work that went on air for some of our main clients like Mitsubishi Motors, Chess and Q Meieriene.

I´d recommend Duy to anyone as he will for sure be a great asset to any creative driven agency.
— Armando Zunìga, VP Creative Director BBDO Chicago – Mentor
Duy is one of the most skilled persons I ever met. Great mind with a great creativity always looking for a better way of doing it. He’s always prepared, ready and eager to do his best. He’s also a great human being, connecting to people very easily and find his place in a complex project. Everybody loves Duy. He’s kind, polite and focused on his tasks. I can highly recommend others to bring in Duy in it’s team. A team player with excellent skills and passion. During his period in @MK_Norway he showed a very professional side that I’m not used to from other people in his age
— Per Thoresson Lund, Senior Art Director / Partner at MK Norway
Duy is a talented creative soul whom I have had the pleasure of working with on a number of projects. He is easy going and hard working, which is a wonderful combination. Duy has a passion for creating solid and innovative ideas, and I hope to work with this geek again in the future.
— Anders Holm, Creative / Copywriter at Kitchen Leo Burnett – Former colleague
I had the pleasure to work with Duy in MK. He is a talented creator, who with great courage always gos 100% into tasks. He has proven that he has the flair to solve difficult tasks in a creative and intelligent way. He is versatile and hard working, with a good mood and lots of humor. Which makes it a joy to work with him.
— Jens Gundersen, Creative / Art Director at Schjærven Ad agency – Former colleague
Duy Nguyen is a great creative talent. He has a big idea capacity and a good understanding of communication. Additionally, he has the skills to express his ideas visually. Duy is a very positive person with great dedication. He is responsible and precise, and is well-liked by the colleagues at the agency.

Duy now chose to develop his talent further after his time at MK Norway and we wish him every possible success in the future. We give him our best recommendations and he will always be a friend of MK Norway Advertising Agency.
— Svein Roger Selle, Partner/Executive Vice President at Geelmuyden.Kieese – Former boss
During my first 3 months at MK, I had the pleasure of working together with Duy and his team mate Alex. In this brief period of time they really impressed me; their truly creative and is always pushing for solutions rather than problems. With their hard working attitude and good humor, I have no doubt that he will be a great asset to any agency. In addition to being a ”next generation interactive inventors”, Duy and Alex’s doesn’t mind getting their fingers dirty delivering strong campaigns on everything from print to DM. They work long hours, and always delivers work that is based on a strong idea. I highly recommend Duy!
— Ole-Kristoffer (Doffen) Dahl Trellevik, Creative Director at MK Norway – Former colleague
Alexander and Duy are two talented and skilled creatives with a great work capacity. They make a young and powerful team with a big idea registry. At MK, the creative team coughed up cool and relevant ideas in all parts of the creative process, from the initial ideation and concept development to execution and presentation. They are also very inspiring to work with. I think they’re a bargain.
— Jon Hjørnevik, Senior copywriter at MK Norway (also famous poet and comedian) – Former colleague
Duy is a very talented and helpful person! He is easy to get along with and a hard worker. We worked together at MK Norway for a few months. I have no problem recommending him for future employment in advertisement!
— Line Severinsen, Interaction designer at Keyteq – Former colleague
Duy is dilligent, positive, and effective in his work. He is furthermore, inquisitive and enthusiastic about everything concerning graphic design, from conception to finished product. It has been my pleasure to see him work for us, to listen to his thoughts about design and to see projects he has made for previous employers and as a student. I would heartily recommend him to any employer.
— Sigbjørn Kronenberger, Graphic Designer at Allkopi – Former colleague
The definition of a creative doer. Duy is at his best when he is doing things, whether it be making user-friendly prototypes, writing amazing copy or crafting the most beautiful visuals. All towards solving real problems and making things better.
A humble person who supports his team 110% with a humor that can make any person on the planet laugh.

I had the honor to work with Duy during an UX/UI project for Skype during Hyper Island.
— Jacob Eriksson, Interaction designer at Doberman
Duy is the sharpest idea maker I have ever met. He spits ideas like a dragon spits fire and I’m so lucky to be the creative partner of this awesome guy. Duy also have a great skill of making his ideas work, either it is prototyping them, writing a fine copy or visualize it through different channels. He has the ability to see the whole picture and always water proof what he does to make sure it works! He is a real team player and has strong self leadership skills. I can truly give Duy my highest recommendation.
— Connie Pedersen, Concept developer/designer at VG (Verdens Gang)
Duy is a fighter. A fighter that wins wars with his storytelling. By always putting himself in the perspective of the end user he writes the journey in an organic and realistic way that is reflected the whole way throughout the process. One of Duy’s strength is also ideating. He inspires and plants seeds in peoples minds which grows into full fledged, highly relevant concepts. His work ethics and his energy inspires me to do better work, and I am honored to have had the pleasure to work with him. Duy is a great asset to any team he participates in and I wholeheartedly recommend him.
— Andréa Eriksson Nikolic, Graphic designer and Hyper Island alumni
To say that Duy is creative, amazingly talented and competent is an obvious statement, but he is much more. The agility he implements to any process at any project stage is impressive to say the least. Being a natural leader, his pace is fast but at the same time efficient on bringing out the best on people. Duy is aware of himself, his skills, knowledge and potential and can commit 100% to any kind of assignment. Name the challenge and watch as he delivers!
— Luis Mello, Interactive designer at Indice design
Duy is awesome. This guy has an incredible energy and will to make a project better and better and better. Duy’s brain is always switched to ideation, and he manages to always stay relevant and innovative. As a project manager for the project we worked with, he was always on top of the situation and driving the group forward. Also, he is one heck of a nice guy. I of course recommend him for any task he decides to take on in the future.
— Simon Jakobsson, Lead UX designer at Market Gravity
To work with Duy is something that I will truly miss. He is an intelligent creative with a lot of interesting ideas. His honesty and professionalism is makes him a great team member. He is really good at presenting and you can trust that when he takes on a task the result will be exceptionally good. He has a positive energy and I really enjoyed the chance to work with him.
— Lisa Carr, Art Director at SelectNY
Duy has real creative mind with lots of fun.
He is always supportive, help everybody,and most of all, fun to work with!
He is great learner ( Really fast in learning new things) and in the same time, he is great teacher ( Really good in teaching things to the people and he is always there to help!) I can say from deep inside my heart that he is one of the best person I worked with.
— Asuka Kondo, Designer at Viber
Working with Duy was my biggest pleasure. He is a very talented person who also brings energy and positive atmosphere to the team. He is also a responsible person who work very hard and try to make the best result. Having Duy in our team, we worked more effectively, thanks to his good communication skill which kick everyone on board quickly. I wish I could work with Duy again in the future!
— Lilly Wang, Hyper Island alumni
I worked with Duy during a project of 5 weeks. During that time I got to know him as a true creative. He brought energy into the team and came with those simple, yet so powerful ideas. He inspires the one around him, a really good person to have in a team!
— Andreas Nordin, UX/UI designer at Conversionista!
I worked with Duy during a module of strategy and branding at Hyper Island. Duy is a creative bouncing ball with very innovative ideas, but he never lose track of finding the solutions and motivates others to push everything out of the project. I recommend Duy, and he is an awesome person to work with.
— Ingmar Larsen, Creative at 180 Amsterdam