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Introducing Sports Roulette – A New And Thrilling Way Of Gambling

Sports roulette uses the unpredictable behavior of sports and turns it into a fun and thrilling experience.

Tags: creative concept, self initiated project, 2013

We divide a football/soccer field in to 7150 squares. One for each square meter. You bet your money on a square. If a goal is scored from that square, you earn money.

In sports roulette, it doesn’t matter which team or player scores the goal. Only where the goal is scored from. 

Sports Roulette’s odds is data driven. Data is collected from past top-division football matches around the world. It also takes into account which players that are currently playing and adjust the odds based on where these players usually score from. Thus the odds increases as the unlikelihood of a goal is scored from that square. 


Step 1. You log in/register. You must connect your credit card or a Paypal account.

Step 2. You select a date you want to bet on.
The system will collect data from all top-division football leagues (UEFA, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, CAF, AFC, OFC) played on your selected date.


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Step 3. You select a square on the field you think will be scored from.
If any goal from any games is scored from your field, you win.

Step 4. You decide how much to bet on the square.
Data will give you an indicator of the percentage and odds on the selected square. Of course it’s just statistics, and as sports are unpredictable anything might happen.

Step 5. You will be notified if any goal is scored from your selected square.

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