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As of 20th january 2015 we have over 850 thousand page views with an average visit duration of 31 seconds. The social reach is also quite large, although we have no way to measure it. A quick search for 'supbowie' on twitter will give you an endless scroll.
Not bad for a 2 man project with zero media spending.


D&AD New Blood pencil & Silver at Gulltaggen (Best interactive and digital work in Northern Europe).


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- And many many many many more! 


I suddenly found myself with little to do during my internship at Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai. One of my colleagues, Nick Finney, gave me a challenge. Instead of just making another concept, I decided to actually make it.

"Tell today's youth, most of who have heard of David Bowie but really don't know anything about him, why they should worship David Bowie."

I created the concept. I also did the art direction, design and copy.
Joakim Tønnesen wrote all the magical code.

After some brainstorming and researching I found that David Bowie did so many different things throughout his life. Not only did he make some of the most influential music ever, but he also did a bunch of other things. He loved experimenting and trying new things, constantly challenging his own comfort zone.
I thought to myself "I'm almost 25 and haven't done nearly as much as Bowie, I need to start doing shit." And thus the idea was born. Comparing ourselves to David Bowie. Hopefully it'll make us depressed enough to start doing shit.

I worked together with my high school and developer friend back in Norway (I was located in Shanghai at the time). The time difference made it challenging, but it was fun to see that we could work together even with such a huge time gap (7 hours).