Here is some old work I did for clients between 2011-2012.

Mitsubishi  – Happy New Year

A print ad I created for Mitsubishi Motors Norway. I did the Art Direction. Aleksander I. Dahl did the Copy.
Mitsubishi had 8800 new customers in 2011. They wished to thank each customer. The ad is made of 8800 thanks with the best selling car Mitsubishi ASX in focus.

Mitsubishi Price Warranty

A print and radio campaign I did for Mitsubishi Motors Norway in 2011.  Mitsubishi were launching a price warranty that would match the repair price of independent shops. The ad tells the story of a Mitsubishi mechanic and his passion for cars. We basically follow him as he grows up with Mitsubishi. The campaign is in Norwegian, but I think you get the idea. I did the art direction/copy. Credits: Aleksander I. Dahl.

Q-Meieriene – A New Twist

Q-Meieriene, a dairy brand in Norway, were launching a new product in 2011. Norway's first sour cream with a screw cap. We were asked to make a print ad. We had many ideas but the client wanted something simple and safe. I was just happy to get my first national print ad. I did the art direction.

We got to do one cool thing in this campaign, we made an oversized screw cap on an adshell. Hooray. Click to play.