Content agency EvokedSet in Norway asked me to design a framework for creating online quizzes (think Buzzfeed quiz). They wanted to use it for their biggest client – Telenor (Norway's biggest telecom company). 

Role: Concept, UX Design, interaction design, art direction
Credit: Staale Nataas (front-end developer) + back end team

Project requirement & brief

Requirements for the project was that the framework needed to be fully customisable for all types of quizzes. Memory quiz, True/false quiz, 3 alternative quiz, multiple choice quizzes and more. The framework must also be able to show videos and pictures both as embed and full screen. The framework also needed to function as a widget on websites and work on both mobile and tablets. The visual design also had to be designed according to the brand guidelines of Telenor (Norway's biggest telecom).

Idea & Concept

With so many requirements for the framework, my idea was to create a modular framework. Like LEGO bricks, the framework would allow you to build the quiz however you want. Want a countdown timer instead of a step timer? No problem. Want a 2 column instead of 1? No problem. Want a pop-up form instead of an embedded one? No problem. The frameworks let's you tailor your quiz however you want. You can even export it to HTML code, so it can be embedded into any platform that allows embed.

Modular showcase

Here is a showcase of different ways to use and combine the modules in order to create a custom quiz. At the end of the page, I've added the individual modules so you can see. The framework is also going to be adapted to mobile, tablet and phablet.

The building blocks

These are the different modules for the framework. The user can put them together in whatever way they want and create a customized quiz based on their needs. 

Embedded widget

The framework can also be embedded as a widget with a code after the quiz is created. The widget size can be customized with code to fit any size and device.