SOS Children Villages Sweden – The Care Package

Imagine making a difference every time you text, call or surf. The price? 0.015 USD. The Care Package is a micro-donation service for your existing mobile plan.

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You simply add the Care Package as an extra service to your monthly payment, as you would with any other services. Next you customize the micro-donation plan to your liking. Voilà, you now make a difference every time you call, surf or text.

How it works

Step 1. When you log in to your profile on your phone company website or app, browse to services . You can add extra services like extra text, surf, call cheaper abroad and so on. Now you can also add “The Care Package”.

The new service will be displayed on the front page of mobile company websites.

You will find "The Care Pack" When you access "My Page".

Step 2. Set up your micro-donation plan with SOS Children Villages. 

  • In the care package you’ll find three choices. These are different subscriptions with different amount of donations(all amounts are micro. I.E. 10øre = 0.02 USD). In each choice you can choose which service you want to involve: calls, texts or data.

  • You don’t have to worry about the amount growing out of proportions. You add a limit on how much you want to donate each month.

  • It’s as simple as that. If you wish to end your subscription, you can easily do it by just clicking the “End subscription” button, and the donations will stop immediately.

You can start and stop donations whenever you want. You can also set a cap to donations.

Behind the scenes of The Care Package

My role

In this 3 day project my main responsibility was copywriting, ideation and developing the concept. I also facilitated the process and did some team management. The mock ups/wireframes are made by me after the project ended.

The team

Duy Nguyen, Isak Lindberg, Martina Leila Andersson, Tobias Björsberg and Willem van Boekhold

The brief

We were asked by S.O.S Sweden to create a new and innovative solution for fundraising. We had 3 days to come up with a concept, and deliver a 1-minute-video explaining the solution.

The process

We mostly used the methodologies we were taught at Hyper Island during the introduction week. As we were 5 students from different courses working for only 3 days we had to define our common goal quickly. We also had to deliver a video explaining the concept. So the time for research, problem statement and ideation phase was very limited.

process care package black larger.png


The target group (M/F between 25-30) wants to make a difference, but they live a hectic lifestyle, thus they often forget.

The concept

An extra service to your already existing mobile plan. It let’s you do a micro donation every time you call, text or surf.