Here are some videos I edited or did art direction on.

Tuniu is a traveling website in china where you can book your flights. For their 10 years anniversary, we created a digital concept where you can type in all the locations you had been the last 10 years – the website would automatically generate a video compilation based on your input. Concept by Eric Li and Me. Video demo by me in after effects.

This is a 10sec "sponsored by" ad that goes before tv shows in Norway. We made this for an optician brand. The concept was to show that they provide glasses for all ages and throughout your whole life.

Concept and Art direction by me & Connie Pedersen. Photo by Francisco Munoz.

Illustration by Martin Lothe, camera and editing by me. DIY.

This is a video that's without sound that plays in-store in the banks. 

I made this stop-motion video in a few hours. I'm the director and Flimmer Film did the editing. I also did the stop motion and art direction.

Dear friends, I spent 24 days in Asia this summer. I went to Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and Bangkok. I had this idea of recording short video clips instead of shooting pictures. A collage. Asia left me with so many impressions, so I wanted this video to be a reflection of that. Of course it all made sense in my head, but when I came back from Asia it was just a mess. I also lost all my Tokyo footage, including a trip to a robot restaurant, DisneySea and staying in a capsule hotel. I finally decided that if this project was ever going to be finished, I just had to do it quick and dirty. I guess it made more sense when I put it all together. So here it is. A collage of my shitty camerawork and random video clips. Shout out to my fam in Asia. Special thanks to Deng Da Bao, Jennifer Bin and Asuka Kondo. Sincerely – Duy